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Roger LaFrancois

Roger LaFrancois is a former Major League player with the Boston Red Sox.  He is currently a hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals. Roger played 26 innings in the longest game in the history of baseball between the Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings in 1981.  Dan Barry’s acclaimed book, Bottom of the 33rd: Hope, Redemption and Baseball’s Longest Game, brings this game to life.  Roger will discuss this historical night and provide a unique perspective as one of the real life characters portrayed in the novel.

With Bottom of the 33rd, celebrated New York Times journalist Dan Barry has written a lyrical meditation on small-town lives, minor-league dreams, and the elements of time and community that conspired one fateful night to produce a baseball game seemingly without end. Bottom of the 33rd captures the sport’s essence: the purity of purpose, the crazy adherence to rules, the commitment of both players and fans.

An unforgettable portrait of ambition and endurance, Bottom of the 33rd is the rare sports book that changes the way we perceive America’s pastime, and America’s past.