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Dodie Milardo

Dodie Milardo, local author of the romance novel Penelope’s Cruise will serve as the moderator for the Harlequin Panel.  In the past two years, over $58,000 has been donated to non-profits due to the efforts of Dodie Milardo and her company, To Give Is Divine, Ltd., whose mission is to create products and events which give back.

Dodie has a new weekly radio segment which airs live on Thursday mornings at 7:30am Eastern Time called DODIE TALK, discussing dating and relationship issues.  It is being broadcast on the Little Buddy Radio Station, owned and operated by The Denver Foundation.  If you remember Gilligan’s Island, Gilligan was played by Bob Denver.  Denver and his wife, Dreama, started The Denver Foundation to help special needs families in honor of their son, Colin, who is severely autistic.